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Mr.Chen Bin

One ofthe founders of Continental Hope Group

ContinentalHope Group President

Ph.Dfrom Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

VicePresident of Chinese Chamber of Commerce

VicePresident of the Economic Association of Sichuan

VicePresident of the Sichuan Travel Association

VisitingProfessor at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

VisitingProfessor of Sichuan University

He is first and foremost an outstanding entrepreneur.  

First,Dr. Chen is an excellent entrepreneur. Under his leadership, Continental HopeGroup has developed into a diversified industrial conglomerate with foursections in mechanical and electrical, chemical and energy, tourism and realestate, and construction and contracting. The Group is involved in industriesas diverse as transmission control, HVAC, construction, network fieldengineering, sodium chlorate production, hydropower development, gemprocessing, tourism, real estate, livestock feed, food, finance, andinvestment. He has been included on the lists “China’s Top Ten Cutting Edge Entrepreneurs”and the “100 Most Outstanding Figures in China’s Economy”, and has also beennamed the “Man of China’s Hotel Industry” and “Sichuan Province’s Outstanding Entrepreneur.”

At the same time, he is a management expert.    

Not only does Dr. Chenhave extraordinary wisdom and an optimistic outlook on life; he also embodiesthe spirit of innovation and exhibits broad-minded ambitions. With his deeptheoretical grounding as the foundation and his long practice as the catalystto his innovative management, he has said that “the highest level of economiccompetition is the idea of cultural competition”, and “decentralization andfurther decentralization requires supervision and oversight”. His managementprinciples are: with regard to team building “work diligently, be a moral man,focus on team-building, and always pursue excellence in performance”, fordevelopment “pursue status, emphasize breakthroughs, be a part of innovation,”and for marketing, “do not compete on price, but fight the fight worthfighting”. His integrated strategy for the group is to “have a competitivestrategy incorporating Research and Development, manufacturing, sales, service,and other areas to compete with comprehensive foreign brands, and usemarket-based instruments to achieve an eclectic breakthrough for ContinentalHope Group.”

He is a social activist.

   Dr. Chen has served as vice presidentof the Sichuan Province Economic Association, a professor at both SichuanUniversity and the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and aSenior Advisor to the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics MBAEducation Center. He is often invited to attend economic forums and participatein CEO summits, including those at Qinghua University, the Minority Universityof China, Sichuan University, and the Southwestern University of Finance andEconomics. He has been a lecturer and has taught management, enterprisedevelopment, and expert communication. His insights have been proven to lead toresults, and his passionate and innovative presentations have beenoverwhelmingly popular, also inspiring social media discussion.


Finally, he is a poet.

   Dr. Chen says he would rather be known as apoet than an entrepreneur. In the eyes of his artistic friends, he is anoptimistic and romantic poet, which has earned him the name “Ice Wanderer”. Hehas written, “Hold the moon over the lake for a thousand years, and bury thesunset in the mountains forever. The 800 years of Pengzu passed in an instant,so who are we to have a different fate?” Also, “In heaven and earth, all thingsare only temporary lodgings, hundreds of years pass away.” Someday, everyonewill get old, but his or her life’s work will last for centuries. To thesublime beauty of this dream, Dr. Chen has been striving relentlessly.

  Just as the bestpencils come from the oldest trees and the most beautiful pictures are of theendless skies, natural leaders are timeless and everlasting. This is the trueessence of Mr. Chen.